Monday, October 17, 2011

divide and conquer

Last weekend our clan divided and Jeff and Charlie went to soccer, camping with boy scouts, and hiking--whew! During the campout Charlie got to shoot bows and arrows, bb gun rifles, scavenger hunt, and launch tennis balls from a big slingshot. They also had a bonfire and the next day hiked the cascades to a waterfall. The rest of us headed to Athens for homecoming at Ohio University and time with grandparents and Kelly's crew. The kids enjoyed the parade complete with candy and bead necklaces followed by a picnic at the park. We then headed out to the football game which was fun. Armed with megaphones and a pom pom Cameron and Heather cheered their way through the game. Cameron and Kathryn also enjoyed naps when the game was slow. After the game we stayed for the bands which the kids loved. Heather and Kathryn and I swayed while Cameron perfected his pointing dance and Adam walked was a busy but very fun day!!

pumpkins and apples

We met up with baby Adam and his parents for some apple and pumpkin picking as well as some rscing through a hay bale maze. Where we parked the kids found a mule and 4 or so goats that they could feed. While timid at first they warmed up and made friends with them. Walking over to the pumpkin patch the kids raced through a hay bale maze--taking cameron through nicely at first then all three racing arounf and playing tag. At the pumpkin patch we searched for pumpkins and attempted some group pictures. Trying to get five kids to look one direction and share their pumpkins was quite a feat!! Once the perfect pumpkins were chosen we headed out to the apple trees for some apple picking. As we were walking the kids walked through some sticky things that got on the kids pants. When they saw them they started panicking, got distracted from finding apples and obsessed with getting them off. Finally they got back to apples and we picked a large bag of tasty ones. On the return walk to the car the kids got obsessed with collecting as many stickies on their pants as they could. Who knew that would be their favorite part of apple picking?! We headed back to Kelly's for the night and then home the next day.

hapy 6 mos kathryn

It is unbelieveable that Kathryn is 6 months old already. She is such a good baby--always going from place to place for siblings school, activities and little trips. She's so smiley, especially to her siblings, and loves to be held or played with. Kathryn is ready to get moving and wiggles around the room but hasn't gotten up to crawl just yet. She loves her wonk-wonk guys and everything goes in her mouth. She's not that interested in eating but is growing--17lbs 4 oz at her 6 month appointment. You grow girl!!

happy birthday/anniversary

We celebrated lots of things the end of Sept. We doubled up Jeff's birthday and our anniversary with a very rainy and slightly cold Tech/Clemson game attended by only Jeff, Sara and Kathryn. The game wasn't great but we had fun nonetheless. I kept looking for the other kids during the game.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

hat tricks for all!

Heather and Charlie are doing awesome at soccer. Last week they each scored three goals in their games. Heather's second goal was a misdirected pass (she meant to kick it more to the middle of the field but it went behind the goalie instead!).

Go Hokies!

We have had some football adventures this fall. Before the season started we went to a team autograph signing and Charlie and Cameron got their t-shirts signed by probably 80% of the team--hitting the big quarterback, receivers, and runningbacks up for their signatures. Headed out to the first game with Jeff's mom we were sure to scalp some tickets however we were not so lucky. We secured two tickets for a good deal, then went to tailgate with some friends and try again later. After some fun tailgating no tickets besides one student were to be found so Jeff, Grandma, and Charlie headed into the stadium and the rest of us rode our bikes home (it's the best way to travel to the games!). It ended up being a very hot day and the little two would have melted quickly so it worked out for the best. The second game we headed to with tickets for all. Heather had two friends who we sat with so they spent some time watching the game and some time braiding each other's hair. The rest of us enjoyed the game and the flyover prior. Tonight Jeff, Kathryn and I are headed for the Clemson game--our last of the season I'm pretty sure. Some of the funnest game moments are when Cameron gets really excited and cheers, Charlie's commentary and questions, and Heathers interest more in the band and helping Cameron find the Hokie bird.

Happy birthday Cameron

Cameron celebrated his birthday (Sept 15) a few times which made him happy. Aunt Kelly and Adam came over on Saturday before his birthday to share in some monkey fun. He wanted a monkey party so we had his one friend over and partied it up with a monkey cake, hand the banana to the monkey and I hid 6 bananas outside so the kids could find them. He had a good time and enjoyed his singing and cake. For his real birthday we were pretty busy so he opened a few presents in the morning, had a picnic lunch at the duck pond (from BW3's--get it!!), a few more presents opened on skype with Grandma and Grandpa, and finally his oreo ice cream cake after the soccer/football practices. He's so proud to be 3, show 3 fingers and do everything now in 3's. He also finally decided to mostly cooperate with using the potty and is doing pretty well. Accidents happen but we're proud to be in Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen most of the day!!